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At Maximum Coastal Adventures, we want to ensure that you are fully prepared and informed for your fishing excursion. We understand that you may have questions and concerns, which is why we have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions. From booking your trip to what to bring along, our FAQ page is designed to provide you with all the necessary information to make your adventure as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.


What kind of adventures do you offer?
We provide our guests with a private boat charter for up to 4 people. This means you, your family and friends will be the only clients on our boat which allows us to customize an adventure based on the interests of your group. We can tailor a sport-fishing adventure to target your desired species, or leave the rods behind and spend our time on the water viewing bears, whales and sea lions.
How many boats do you have?
A 26’ Custom Sea Ray The “Megabite” and a Pursuit 2470 Walkaround, The “Tiamat”. If your group is larger than 4 people we work closely with other qualified local skippers to add additional vessels as necessary.
What kind of fish will I catch on a fishing charter?
Ucluelet is known for world class Salmon & Halibut fishing. In the spring and summer months all five species of Pacific salmon are found in our local waters. Chinook Salmon (King Salmon) & Coho Salmon (Silver Salmon) our the primary target species of our salmon fishing trips. Throughout the Summer, Halibut fishing is fun and productive. Due to their excellent eating quality, many of our guests decide to target halibut as their primary species of interest
What time of year has the best fishing?
Our summer fishing season starts in late march and concludes at the beginning of october. June July & August are the peak season for fishing.
Do I have to keep the fish that I catch?
Keeping fish is certainly not a requirement, many guests who visit from around the world simply want to experience the west coast and try something new. We encourage guests only to retain fish that they plan to consume. If you don’t like eating fish, we can take a photo and let them swim away.
Is all the fishing gear included?
Yes. We’ve got you covered. We have all of the best top quality rods, reels and fishing tackle aboard our boats.
Are reservations necessary?
Early reservations are strongly encouraged. The majority of our guests come on an annual basis and reserve their day on the calendar many months in advance of the fishing season. However we do our best to accommodate everyone and in our busy summer season, walk ons are welcome and encouraged to reach out to us.
What should I bring with me on the charter?
Guests should consider bringing: Beverages, warm clothing, sunscreen and snacks to better enjoy their adventure. If your adventure includes fishing, than a printed version of your fishing license is also a must!If you are interested in a catered meal included in your charter, we can help arrange that with our local partners. 
Will there be other people on the fishing charter?
Our fishing charters are private. Booking with us means you have reserved the entire boat for you and whoever you invite. 
Can children come on the boat?
Absolutely, we are a family friendly business that encourages guests of all ages to join in on the adventure. Our only stipulation is that children should wear a PFD (lifejacket) at all times on our boats.
I think I might get seasick, what should I do?
Guests who have a history of seasickness or who get motion sick easily should do their best to prepare prior to the charter. Dimenhydrinate (Gravol) taken prior to boarding can help prevent seasickness before it starts. The comfort of our guests is top priority for our guides, a lot of seasickness can be prevented by planning ahead based on the prevailing sea conditions. If you are worried about feeling sick, or begin to feel sick we can always move the vessel to more sheltered and comfortable areas to accommodate our guests. 
Does the boat have a restroom?
We have a flushing porta-potty in the cabin of our boat.
What safety equipment do you have onboard?
Our vessels are  equipped with a full medical kit, hypothermia kit, , personal locator beacon, throw lines and lifejackets. All of our vessels are compliant with the Transport Canada Small Vessel Compliance program and carry all the necessary safety equipment required by Transport Canada.
How do you pronounce Ucluelet and what does it mean?
Ucluelet is pronounced “yoo-CLUE-let “, and is derived from the First Nations Nuu-chah-nulth language meaning “people of the safe harbour”.

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